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Consider getting involved! Fosters and volunteers are the backbone of our rescue.



Fosters are a vital part of Rescue Row. They open up their hearts and homes to provide temporary housing for a dog in need. As a foster, you will be asked to give a few weeks or months of your time, but to the dog that benefits, it means a lifetime.

Dogs arrive by the dozens at area shelters every day. Often, we are forced to turn away these dogs because we do not have enough foster homes to accommodate them. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save.

Dogs in our program range from puppies to seniors. Some may require heartworm treatment, need a quiet place to heal from surgery, or simply need some time to decompress from life before rescue. We place dogs according to your comfort level and lifestyle. Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences!


How much will fostering cost me?
Fostering will cost you nothing but love and time! Rescue Row will pay for all vetting expenses and provide you with the supplies you will need to care for the dog.


Can I foster if I have pets of my own?
Yes. We require that your current pet/s be up to date on all vaccines, on yearly heartworm prevention, and spayed/neutered.


What if I only want to foster a particular type of dog?
Fosters may specify which type of dog will best suit their experience and circumstances (ex: age, gender, size). Every home helps!


Is it okay that I am away from home sometimes?
A reasonable amount of time to be away from an adult dog on a regular basis is 8 hours. Young puppies, ideally, should be let outside at 2 hour intervals.


How long is the typical foster period?
Fostering a dog could range from a few weeks to a few months. This all depends on the dog you foster.


  1. Fill out an online foster application below.

  2. One of our board members will be in contact to answer any questions you have and discuss what dog would be right for your lifestyle.

  3. A home visit will be arranged to introduce the dog to your home.

  4. You will have the opportunity to bring your foster dog to our weekly adoption events.


Rescue Row is made up entirely of volunteers with one goal in common – saving dogs. No matter what your availability or skills are, there are many ways you can get involved. We are always looking to welcome volunteers to transport, take photos, help with fundraising, and assist at weekly adoption events.

  • Transport Volunteer (21+)

  • Event Volunteer (16+ or accompanied by a parent/guardian)

  • Photographer (16+)

  • Special Event Volunteer (16+ or accompanied by a parent/guardian)

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