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Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to rescue animals. Between my mother and I we always brought some type of “stray” home and my dad would lovingly entertain our need to rescue. As I got older I really wanted to get more involved in legit rescue groups, but I just didn’t know where to start and being I’m not the most social person, I was afraid to put myself out there. 

3 years ago I had my daughter Sophia and was a stay at home mom. She was my third child and I was a pro at multi tasking, legitimately running out of things to do around the house. I felt I wasn’t doing “enough” so I had volunteered to strictly transport for a local rescue group. After a few months an opportunity arose to foster 4 Schnauzer puppies and that’s when I became THAT crazy rescue lady.

 I moved up to being their outreach coordinator helping build relationships in a poor community that helped spay and neuter dogs. 

My true passion is to help dogs that nobody wants and that’s when I joined Rescue Row as Director. It is here I feel my true passion enables me to fulfill my purpose in life. When I see dogs broken emotionally and physically it fuels my drive to help them, and that’s exactly what I do.